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sustainability in the global mining industry

Environment & sustainability

 · The latest Environment & sustainability news on 18 August 2021. ALROSA considers converting heavy-duty vehicles to LNG Wednesday 18 August 2021 11:00 ALROSA is considering converting its fleet of supersize mine trucks and road trains to run in LNG and

Why sustainability will be a key issue to the mining industry''s future

 · Whereas most of the implementations he''s seen in the industry so far relate to individual processes, Global Mining Sustainability is partnering with organisations to research and promote its possible use as the technological backbone for simultaneously making operations and processes more efficient, more collaborative and more traceable.


With the changing global scenario in the way natural resources including minerals are viewed, the extractives industry must be leveraged in India''s interest for poverty reduction, economic growth and sustainable development within the framework of

Why sustainability is an important consideration in mining

The mining industry in a sustainable future | SEI

Creating the zero-carbon mine | McKinsey

 · The mining industry contributes 2 to 3 percent of global CO 2 emissions and has a large role to play in emissions reduction. Within the industry, much of the focus to date has been on portfolio shifts (that is, divestment of coal assets); however, the industry is facing increasing pressure from regulators, investors, and customers to decarbonize operations.

Mining .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

 · 26 Oct 2015 - Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) Geneva, Swizerland. Minerals are essential for modern living, and mining is still the primary method of their extraction. To date, it appears that the main constraints to sustainability in the mining sector derive from the ever-increasing demand ...

Bitcoin Mining: One Of The Most Energy Sustainable Industries Globally…

 · Based on that data, the total sustainable power mix could be as high as 56%, making Bitcoin mining one of the most sustainable industries globally. To put that in ...

Sustainable Development and Industry Self-Regulation: Developments in the Global Mining …

 · The framing by mining companies of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies in terms of sustainable development, as reflected in their stand-alone CSR reports, is a noteworthy feature of the mining industry.

Green & Sustainable Mining: Green-Washing in the Extractive Industries…

 · Currently, the mining industry is responsible for an estimated 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and mining creates environmental problems such as air pollution, soil and water contamination, loss of plant and animal life, deforestation, and erosion. The world desperately needs an energy transformation away from carbon-based fuel sources.

Sustainable mining – do we have consensus on what it really means?

 · Is about time the mining industry stopped bending to political correctness and using buzz words and phrases. Oxford Dictionary definition of sustainability ",Environmentally sustainable " The ...

Sustainability Reporting and the Platinum Group Metals:A Global Mining Industry …

reporting in the mining industry. 2. Assessing the Sustainability of Platinum Group Metals 2.1 Overview In the past decade, there has been strong growth in annual environmental or sustainability reporting by numerous mining companies (7–10), including

ESG and mining: sustainability after coronavirus | S&P Global

 · Matthews said that the mining industry required a "global" tailings standards to prevent future humanitarian and environmental disasters. On the subject of the current pandemic and its impact on ESG, Matthews said society "shouldn''t drop the ball" and had to continue to address the most pressing issues to create a sustainable future.

Can mining and metals be sustainable? | World Economic Forum

 · Mining and metals are facing constant pressure at every level to change their practices in a way which is more aligned with a world constantly seeking to become more sustainable. Sustainability will be a major challenge for our planet in the years up to 2050, and beyond. It is estimated that between now and 2050 the world''s population will ...

Mining 2021

 · In total, 40% of buyer respondents from the global mining industry use ''environmental management system accreditation'' to monitor and measure the implementation of sustainability initiatives. Overall, Canada, the US, and Brazil are considered to be the fastest-growing regions for sustainable products and services by 60%, 59%, and 53% of supplier respondents respectively.

The importance of sustainability in mining operations

 · "The mining industry is starting to take sustainability seriously, realising that if they don''t act on it, they won''t survive," says Melbye. "After all, sustainability is increasingly connected to productivity, which is in turn linked to economics and profitability. So there are clear financial gains to be had from sustainability."

Sustainability in the Global Mining Industry 2012-2013

 · /PRNewswire/ -- Reportlinker announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Sustainability in the Global Mining Industry...

Why sustainability is an important consideration in mining

A global report carried out by professional services firm Deloitte into the constant challenges and constraints affecting sustainability in mining found that that the ever-increasing demand for mined resources remains a major concern, as well as the consumption of resources such as energy and water, which are required throughout the extraction process.

Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development | Research | Asia | Sustainable …

The mining and minerals industry has made major advances towards sustainability but the sector faces new challenges as governments in the global South reassert control over their natural resources yet lack the capacity to ensure mining can contribute to sustainable development.

Digitalization Trends and Sustainability in the Global Mining Industry ONLINE | MINING …

The event will cover global digitalization trends and their impact on sustainability aspects. Moreover, best practice examples of digitally connected, autonomoous ("smart") mines in the global industry will be presented. Registration via AHK Chile: Denise Kirschner


sustainable mining methodologies, where Australian companies have developed leading practice solutions now used in Australia and across the world. the Australian mining industry is at the forefront of the global pursuit of sustainable mining, recognising that

The mining industry in a sustainable future | SEI

 · The mining and mineral industries affect all three dimensions of sustainability, both positively and negatively, but without the industry''s contribution, not least to supply materials for a necessary technological transformation of global energy systems, for …

How can mining contribute to the Sustainable Development …

Based on interviews with over 60 global experts from industry, civil society, governments, academia, and financial institutions, the report identifies where mining can enhance the positive impacts ...

Sustainability Reporting and the Platinum Group Metals: A Global Mining Industry Leader? | Johnson Matthey Technology Review

The global mining industry, as part of their contribution to the Johannesburg Earth Summit convened by the UN in 2002, released a major report on mining and sustainability. The ''Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development'' (MMSD) report was a major shift

Global Mining Sustainability

Global Mining Sustainability offers a non-profit platform to create solutions towards Sustainable Social Licence to Operate through innovation and collaboration to meet these historical challenges:

Sustainable Development of Mining Mineral Resources

 · The sustainable development of mining mineral resources is a major challenge for today''s global world, addressed to mining companies, people of science associated with mining and many other institutions and organisations.


Metals & Mining Coeur Mining Coeur Mining Inc is a silver, gold, and zinc producer. It has mines located in the United States, Mexico and Bolivia, a silver streaming interest in Australia and exploration projects in Mexico and Argentina.

Growth Opportunities for Sustainable Solutions in the Global Mining …

The global mining industry is facing extremely significant challenges related to consumptionism and rising demands for mineral-based products. Declining richness and exhaustion of available commodities, climate change and intensification of environmental issues, as well as deepening water scarcity are only driving concerns.

Global Mining Sustainability

Who is Global Mining Sustainability? A global sectoral communications platform bringing together all stakeholders towards sustainable mining operations performance. We develop and work with ESG standards, community engagement training programs and …

Mining Ethics and Sustainability Papers from the World Mining Congress 2013 Mining thics and sustainability

10 Mining Ethics and Sustainability regions where it operates. The idea of a social license to operate is being widely embedded across multiple industry sectors, as a social and economic reward from mining companies to compensate communities for natural

Digitalising the mining & metals global supply chain: 2019 sustainability update …

 · Digitalising the mining & metals global supply chain: 2019 sustainability update. As corporate responsibility evolves, and the focus on corporate sustainability grows, more businesses in the mining and metals and related sectors are referencing the long-term potential of blockchain technology and platforms to address challenges associated with ...

Supply Chain Management

 · As global sustainability targets quickly become the mining industry norm, the expectation will be for companies throughout the global value chain to perform in unison towards measurable standards. Driving global interest is the UN Sustainable Development Goals, 2030 offering 17 specific goals to address sustainability and social responsibility.

Here''s how the mining industry can respond to climate change | …

 · Widespread decarbonization efforts across industries could create major shifts in commodity demand for the mining industry. And the mining sector, responsible for 4 to 7 percent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally, will also face pressure from governments, investors, and society to reduce emissions.

Mining 2021

The event will cover global digitalization trends and their impact on sustainability aspects. Moreover, best practice examples of digitally connected, autonomoous ("smart") mines in the global industry will be presented. Registration via AHK Chile: Denise Kirschner

Sustainable development in the mining industry: clarifying the corporate perspective …

 · 1. IntroductionThe debate surrounding sustainable development in the mining industry is a drawn-out one, which has long gained considerable attention from a wide range of parties. The Brundtland Commission, in its landmark report Our Common Future, defined sustainable development as "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet …


Assessment of the Effects of Global Digitalization Trends on Sustainability in Mining. Part I: Digitalization Processes in the Mining Industry in the Context of Sustainability Earth quakes, Geo-Haz ard As sess ment En er gy re sources Fi nal dis pos al of ra dioac tive waste

Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) | …

The Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Project (MMSD) was a research project looking at how the mining and minerals sector could contribute to the global transition to sustainable development. This page collates all the material previously available ...